EC³ Bible Study


Max Lucado’s book Life Lessons from GENESIS  (Lesson 3)

EXPLORATION: Answer the following question to the best of your ability to share during Bible Study on Wednesday, April 6th at 6:30 PM:

  1. Read Genesis 6:5–8. What events prompted God to decide to send the Great Flood?
  2. What do you think Noah was thinking when the Lord asked him to collect the animals and enter the ark?
  3. What issues do you think Noah faced in doing what God had instructed him to do?
  4. What happened as a result of Noah’s obedience—both for himself and others?
  5. Noah obeyed God without question in regard to building an ark. What does that say about how he obeyed the Lord in the everyday little things? What does it say about his character?
  6. Read Matthew 24:37–42. How does Jesus describe the “days of Noah”? What does Jesus say we are to be doing as we wait for his return?

Our Bible Study lessons will be from the book of Genesis. Max Lucado’s book Life Lessons from GENESIS will be our guide through this study. This book is available electronically ($5.99)  HERE on Amazon for download and paperback ($10.30). 

Carolyn Anderson has been designated to take orders for the church. If you would like to purchase a paperback book through her, please submit $11.02 (tax included) to Carolyn Anderson via cash or PayPal at

(Select friends and family and add note that payment is for book.) Please contact Carolyn with any questions you may have at 601-824-9705. If no answer, please record a message.